Dr. Marsolais


Dr. Pierre Marsolais, an intensivist internist, has been tirelessly working for many years on establishing an organization that improves the donation process and assists donor families in Quebec. This work has resulted in the creation of the Dr. Marsolais Centre.

His journey

Dr. Marsolais’ efforts have led to the establishment of a permanent team at Sacré-Cœur hospital in Montreal focused on accommodating donors from other hospitals without the infrastructure necessary for organ maintenance and transplantation. The doctor has also played a role in a number of innovations in organ and tissue donation in Quebec.

In 2014, Dr. Marsolais won the AQESSS Physician Leadership Award and the Persillier-Lachapelle Career Recognition Award from the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services. His team was recognized by Accreditation Canada on March 24, 2015 for outstanding practices. All of these honours have been awarded due to Dr. Marsolais’ great contributions to the organ donation field in Quebec over the past 25 years.